This is the story of a young couple from southern California who met a photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland while on vacation. Their chance encounter resulted in an amazing adventure that took Gerlof Griesel across the pond to photograph the baseball themed wedding of Missy and Jared in Los Angeles, California.

Gerlof, who runs Geebz Photography in Scotland, actually captured this initial meeting in the form of an online blog post.  This post, which includes some fantastic photos, is available to view here.  Gerlof also did a masterful job of photographing one of the most unique baseball themed weddings we’ve seen.

Missy and Jared are huge major league baseball fans.  Living in the City of Angels, they were delighted to be able to book Angel Stadium of Anaheim as their wedding day venue. The couple was determined to provide a wedding experience unlike anything their guests had ever seen; and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were a big part of their plans.

On the morning of their wedding, Missy and her bridesmaids arrived early at the stadium to get ready for the wedding in one of the stadium suites.  The ladies took their time and enjoyed a leisurely morning of preparation.

In contrast, since they had booked Angel Stadium for the day, Jared decided to live out his boyhood dream and play a game of baseball down on the field with his groomsmen, family, and friends.  They arrived in full Angels jerseys, with their competitive spirits soaring, and their Scottish photographer was there to capture every moment.

This is their story …

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Thank You Baseball Fans of LA Angels

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